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How it works

We encourage you to register above, whether you are a member-owner in Roanoke Electric’s service area or live in a nearby community. The more supporters we have, the more likely we are to bring internet to your area so tell your friends and neighbors to sign up, too! By signing up you show us you are interested in receiving a better internet experience.

Roanoke Connect is dedicated to providing internet to the unserved and underserved to close the digital divide that exists. We want people in our communities to be able to apply for jobs, use telehealth services, have access to online learning, and much more. Roanoke Connect offers fiber and fixed wireless as high-speed broadband solutions. Because we cover a large area in multiple counties, our fiber build out plan includes multiple phases over the next five years. Funding requirements can determine the timing of fiber installation in certain areas, so we ask for your patience as we work hard to provide internet service to your home.

What is fiber?

Fiber optics are single strands of glass that trap and transmit light pulses. Fiber delivers a direct connection that can carry large amounts of data with exceptional reliability allowing you to have a superior experience streaming, gaming, and using multiple devices at once.

As always, you can contact us with questions at: info@roanokeconnect.com

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