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Experience reliable and fast fiber internet with Fybe

Fybe is bringing a world-class fiber optic network to our communities! Fiber internet is changing the way the world works, plays, learns and receives medical care.

But what is fiber internet, and why is it better?


Fiber optic connections transmit information at the speed of light, making it ideal for real-time gaming, high-definition video streaming, lag-free video calls and more!


Fiber optic cables are not susceptible to corrosion, nor are they affected by weather like cable and satellite internet can be. While other connections flicker out with the slightest breeze, fiber connections can power through almost anything! Essentially, fiber-optic infrastructure is both weather-proof AND future-proof.


Fiber optic networks can just handle more. More users, more data, more speed. This makes it the best choice for remote workers, families and businesses that depend on their connection to stay up and running. Fybe internet is fast, reliable and unlimited.

What makes Fybe different from other internet providers?

It originated with Roanoke Cooperative, which has delivered emerging technologies to our communities for more than 86 years. Fybe internet is fast, reliable and robust. It’s the connection you need for today AND tomorrow — all provided by a company with its roots deep in North Carolina.